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Albert Becerra

Albert playes vihuela, acoustic guitar and vocals for Mariachi Corazon de Phoenix.

Albert Becerra was born in December 14, 1985 in the West Texas city of El Paso. It seems he was always involved with music. He started singing at an early age although it truly didn't develop until he was in middle school where he was in choir. Albert continued with choir throughout high school winning various awards for solo and ensemble performances. In his sophomore year in high school he joined a church mariachi, Mariachi Tepeyac and he hasn't stopped since.

Upon graduation he ventured out to Arizona State University to begin his higher education. He is now majoring in General Music Education. Since 2004 he has been a scholarship recipient for Mariachi ASU and is also a member of Mariachi Corazon de Phoenix. Which he recently recorded a cd entitled Con Mucho Corazon. He has performed at various venues around the southwest including the Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX, the Chandler Performing Center for the Arts,and the US Airways Center. Along with attending and performing in The Tucson International Mariachi Conference and Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference. He is also the director of a youth mariachi academy, Mariachi VIVA and Mariachi Tierra Nueva based in Mesa, AZ. He has assisted in teaching various workshops and residencies around the valley on mariachi education. Upon recently he was awarded President Obama's, Volunteer Silver Service Award and had the privilege in performing for the festivities leading into President Obama's speech at the May commencement at Arizona State University. He thanks all of his family, friends and educators for all of their support and guidance throughout the years.

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